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our hıstory

My fascination with the ticketing world began in my early teenage years when me & my father (sometimes my sister & on rare occasion my mom) would travel 200 miles from our farm down to the “Delta Center” in SLC, Utah to watch Utah Jazz NBA basketball. We would usually try to find specials ticket deals from the team, In that case I still remember we paid $19 total for 2 tickets & I thought that was quite a bargin! In those days the Jazz had legends John Stockton & Karl Malone, were a playoff team making 2 NBA Finals appearances vs the Chicago Bulls, so tickets were in high demand…

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The detailed seating chart we could look at & all the different options was very intriguing to me & it was a fun challenge to try to find the best deal!  We could get creative & each section would offer a unique experience & view of the game!  After we bought our tickets , our work wasn’t finished, we still had an opportunity to better our seat locations.   We then decided to go out to the street in front of the arena and see if the “ticket scalpers”  would offer us a deal for the really good seats.  We did haggle with them but we never came to a deal.  I also enjoy this experience.

Some of my ancestors were expert Horse & Cattle traders, so perhaps it runs in my blood!
Fast forward to 2023 & not much as changed.  I still have the same intrigue & curiosity as I did as a teen that lead me to where I am in the ticketing business world today.  I just do things on a larger scale.

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Our present

I still consider Koch & Son a boutique type of event ticketing company that is more hands on with relationships & keeping in mind that things can still have a handmade approach in a sense while embracing modern technology that allows us to do more with less & become more efficient with our time which is considered our most treasured commodity.

Koch & Son specializes in small niche markets spanning across the USA & Canada. We partner with sports teams & venues to build stable secondary ticket markets as an additional sales outlet that has proved to be an indispensable tool to distribute tickets to fans & grow their attendance number to the Moon!

We enjoy creating unique investment strategies that are a WIN for everyone involved

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In the future

While we remain open to all possibility (& thats a beautiful thing),We can say for certain that we love creating relationships which creates unique experiences while  challenging ourselves & working hard to do the best we can do.   This is the foundational mindset of our growth.

Next Level-  A lot of this is about enjoying the journey.

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