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Koch & Son is a boutique type of event ticketing company that is more hands on with relationships & keeping in mind that things can still have a handmade approach in a sense while embracing modern technology that allows us to do more with less & become more efficient with our time which is considered our most treasured commodity. Koch & Son specializes in small niche markets spanning across the USA & Canada.

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our story

My fascination with the ticketing world began in my early teenage years when me & my father (sometimes my sister & on rare occasion my mom) would travel 200 miles from our farm down to the “Delta Center” in SLC, Utah to watch Utah Jazz NBA basketball. We would usually try to find specials ticket deals from the team, In that case I still remember we paid $19 total for 2 tickets & I thought that was quite a bargin! In those days the Jazz had legends John Stockton & Karl Malone, were a playoff team making 2 NBA Finals appearances vs the Chicago Bulls, so tickets were in high demand…

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Our future

While we remain open to all possibility (& thats a beautiful thing),We can say for certain that we love creating relationships which creates unique experiences while  challenging ourselves & working hard to do the best we can do.   This is the foundational mindset of our growth.
Next Level-  A lot of this is about enjoying the journey.

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